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WHEN EWF MEETS HHH-Lenny White: Lenny White Live - Jazz Weekly

So, what do you get when you mix the best of 70s groups Earth Wind and Fire with Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters? A disc like this, that has enough funk to get your Afro bobbin’ and enough jazz to make you snap your fingers. An ultra hip band lead by drummer Lenny White has the illustrious team of Mark Ledford/tp, Bennie Maupin/ts-ss, Foley/lead b, Patrice Rushen/key, Donald Blackman/key and Victor Bailey/b going through a slam dunk funk attack on material like “Whew! What A Dream” and “Pic Pocket” that has enough of a back beat to make you fall off your platform shoes and some jazz arrangements that are as sharp as a wide shirt lapel. Ledford’s horn is slick and snazzy,while Foley’s lead bass is a whole ‘nuther world on “East St. Louis.” The mix of modern R&B and classic jazz is infectious, while Maupin supplies some earthy sax work on “Dark” and “Wolfbane.” This is a team that tore up the scene on this gig, and I’m truly sorry I missed this night. Thank the good Lord it’s here for us to enjoy, as they don’t make ‘em like this that often. Music that gets down and gets you up!

George W. Harris


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