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Luis Conte: En Casa de Luis - Review from Jazz Weekly

You want  percussion? You got it here, in bucketloads, lead by Luis Cone, who plays (take a deep breath) congas, timbales, shakers, guiro, cowbell, claves, shekere, quinto, cajon, African water pots, bottle caps, darbuka, finger cymbals, qraqab, cymbal pans, cymbals, water effects, toys, maracas, illa bata, belly dance valkyrie belt, tar, surdo, chat chat, rack tom, sabar and djembe. Did I miss anything?

Yes, there is some guitar (by Barry Coates), trumpet (Walt Fowler), bass (Jimmy Johnson) and vocals. But the sonic focus is a massive percussion discussion that goes from Indian (“Water Pots”) to lazy grooves (“There’s Only Love”). A take of “Fever” has Conte singing and playing in a manner that will make you either forget or cling to the Peggy Lee version, while the rest of the material will get you ready for Cruise Night on Van Nuys Blvd.

George W. Harris

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