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Drummer Gadd delivers birthday present to fans - Pittsburgh Tribune

rummer Steve Gadd has found a good way to celebrate his 70th birthday, with the album “70 Strong.” The quintet effort presents the funky jazz Gadd has been a part for decades. From his days with Randy Brecker, Richard Tee and Michael McDonald, Gadd has been laying down patterns from his kit that are inventive, with a heavy dose of funk. That mix shows clearly on this album's “Freedom Jazz Dance,” a classic by Eddie Harris. The band does the tune with a slightly slower sense of groove than most. Eight of the 11 tunes on the disc were written by the members of the group. They include the ballad “Written in Stone,” which features keyboard player Larry Goldings on accordion. Gadd and Goldings have worked together touring with James Taylor. The band also features guitarist Michael Landau, trumpeter Walt Fowler and bassist Jimmy Johnson.

Bob Karlovits


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