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3 Brave Souls - Birmingham Times' Musical Notes

Newly released on BFM Jazz is a dynamic collection titled 3 Brave Souls. This CD is a fantastic recording that is simply purefunk. Keyboardist John Beasley, Bassist Darryl Jones and percussionist Ndugu Chancler have produced a really remarkable album thatis old school with a new school twist. It is fabulous.

3 Brave Souls possesses a truly unique sound. Incorporating the down to earth tones of New Orleans with the street funk of Chicago,it is a pleasing one of a kind collection. The set opens with “Black Friday”, a mid-tempo track that has a great vibe. “Come AndGone” is a mellow laid back tune. The defining elements in this selection are the string and keyboard instruments. Nothing but the soul is released on “Nail It Down.” It is one of the numerous danceable tracks; however, it features an added surprise – a modicum ofspoken word by Ndugu Chancler.

One welcoming addition to this collective is the silky sounds of vocalist Sy Smith. She takes center stage on the track “LoveGraces.” Likewise can be said about Gregoire Maret and his prowess over the harmonica and Darryl Jones’ vocals on the track“Stay.” He is awesome. Other featured guests are Dwight Trible, Bob Sheppard, Steve Tavaglione, Francisco Torres and Leon Mobley. Stated on John Beasley’s website about 3 Brave Souls is: “Three generations of Miles Davis alumni having fun playing progressive roots music”—these so few words perfectly sum up the entirecollection.

John Beasley is a Grammy nominated musician, composer, arranger and music director who has worked with Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Chaka Khan and manyothers. Daryl Jones has worked with a number of artists including Cher, Madonna, Sting, Lionel Richie, Eric Clapton and Peter Gabriel. Leon Ndugu Chancler is thedistinct drummer on Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Santana, Herbie Hancock and George Duke are among the list of musician he has worked with.

Esther Callens

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