john daversa: junk wagon - the big band album

John Daversa
Junk Wagon: The Big Band Album

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The music on Junk Wagon takes the listener off the beaten trail pretty much from note one. The combination of colorful orchestration and energetic ensemble playing is arranged in a way that kept me guessing as to where it all was going next. I found surprise after surprise in the writing and playing that held my attention for the full duration of the cd. This is a rare occurrence in this day and age for these ears.

(Excerpt from liner notes eloquently written by Bob Mintzer.)

Preview Tracks

01. The Bridge, Pt. 1 Featuring Katisse

02. The Bridge Part 2

03. Junk Wagon

04. Camels

05. Internal

06. Most Of All

07. Cheeks

08. Your Mother

09. Don't Jive The Hitman

10. You Think You're Funny: Bonus Track